How long must I exercise to lose weight fast?

If a question cannot be answered quickly, "How long should I exercise to lose weight quickly?" a quick rundown on why people weight gain or weight loss you will better understand why no one can answer this question for you unless they know more about your life, what you mean by 'exercise '.

First, however, a brief overview of metabolism, metabolic rates basal (BMR) and the concept of daily energy expenditure total (Ted). This is not just theoretical concepts, but in fact, can be calculated for each individual through two equations which is beyond the scope of our work here. However, if you accept that measurable amounts, then you will understand better how long should exercise to lose weight fast depends on your metabolism and the type of exercise you can do.

Your metabolic rate is the speed at which your body spends energy while the rest - for example, during sleep. Even if I do no physical exercise, your body needs a certain amount of energy continue to operate normally. Blood circulation and the central nervous system and the chemical reactions in the liver, your digestion process, the mere fact of breathing - every use of this energy.

Energy may be synonymous with calories. The calorie is a measure of heat which can be synonymous with power. The energy produced by the body, thus, depends on the number of calories you consume in your diet. All components of your diet that are responsible for the production of energy in your body are carbohydrates: cereals, starches, fats, oils, sugars and carbohydrates are part of the proteins that make up carbohydrates and amino acids.

Ultimately, carbohydrates digested in your diet down into glucose, which is used by the cells of your body to produce energy as well as oxygen. Therefore, more you eat carbohydrates, your body produces more energy. Use some of this energy for the building blocks of your metabolism, as mentioned above. This is known as your basal metabolism. This knowledge is the first step to understanding how to lose weight fast.

Use more energy in the process of daily life: eating, walk and work. How you live your life can be used to calculate the amount of energy you use during a typical day. Of course, it will be a rough day on average, but can be calculated and is known as «energy» your BMR, your daily total in addition to what you use during the day. These numbers can be expressed using the daily calories. Combinations of these available online.

So what has this to do with how long you have to exercise to lose weight fast? Basically, if you eat more calories than Ted, you will put the weight if you practice more use. The energy is stored neglected by the fat cells of the body. What to do to lose weight is therefore to exercise your Ted can balance your diet, because it is not over energy and have, in fact, the energy deficit. If you use the power setting that you eat, your body will use your fat reserves as a storage carbohydrate and lose weight.

How fast you can lose weight depends on the difference between the amount of energy (calories) your energy expenditure. You can use charts to determine calories and the number of calories in your diet. You can also find the calorie charts to practice online, which lets you know how many calories you will lose over a certain period of time in some types of exercise. The biggest difference between your expenditure of calories by exercise and you have calories in your diet, faster you will lose weight.

This is the basic knowledge you need to understand how long you need to exercise to lose weight quickly. Graphic will show you that the exercise will allow you to lose weight more quickly than others, because they use more calories for the same period of time.

The best way to lose weight is not fast, but slowly, about 2-3 pounds per week average is good. You can discover quick weight at the outset that your body expels it stores excess water and then engages the average weekly cheap. However, if you are determined to lose weight for a wedding or some other events planned soon, then you would be better exercise more instead of going on a crash diet.

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