5 Tips to Manage Your Anxiety

I am going to share with you 5 tips to help you manage your anxiety. These five tips in are not meant to
completely get rid of your anxiety, but rather to help you manage it so you can keep living your everyday life. Anxiety can take a major toll on you both physically and emotionally. You may begin to feel fatigue, headaches, and stress. Remember that you are not alone and there are many people in this world who also suffer with anxiety

1. The first tip to help you manage your anxiety is positive thinking. Many people think negative thoughts about their anxiety during the day. As a result they will drive themselves crazy, and only make their anxiety worse. It is very important for you to never have negative thoughts during an anxiety attack. The negative thoughts will only make the anxiety attack worse and can even lead to having a panic attack.

2. Staying active is another great way to help you manage your anxiety. If you are starting to feel anxious about something staying active is a great way to distract yourself. You need to take the time to go exercise, hang out with a friend, or just stay moving in any way possible. Not only will this help with your anxiety, it will also help your body relax.

3. Taking deep breathes is a very common but effect way to manage your anxiety. If you have ever take been anxious or nervous about something I am sure someone has told you to breathe slowly. This common practice works by slowing your heart rate. When someone gets nervous or anxious about something their heart rate will sky rocket. If your heart rate gets to high you may began do feel dizzy, sweat, or even have a panic attack. If you feel anxious about something a deep breathe through your mouth and  hold it for a second, than release and keep on doing this at a consistent pace until you feel better.

4. Taking time to reflect on your anxiety is the fourth tip in managing with your anxiety. You need to think about what is making you anxious in the first place. Tell yourself "this is nothing to be anxious about." Remind yourself that you need to stay calm during your anxiety attacks. This will begin to help you anxiety sooner than you may think.

5. The last tip on how to manage your anxiety is living a healthy lifestyle. Many of us will feel more anxious when we are tired, hungry or stressed. It is important to get a good amount of sleep, eat healthy, and laugh; after all laughter is the best medicine.

I hope these 5 tips can help manage your anxiety. If you feel that these tips are not working for you I would suggest visiting a professional who can help you more than i will be able to. Just remember you are not the only one who suffers with anxiety.

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